Why Aren't Space Aliens Talking to Us?

I think pretty much everyone wonders why space aliens do not speak to
us.  It was probably true that just 20 or 30 years ago, if space
aliens landed, we'd naturally panic and try to kill them, causing them
to generally not enjoy visiting.  But today, in the new millennium, I
think we all agree we've grown to welcome them.  Yet despite
portraying open arms in our media, no space aliens come to visit.  We
can't help wonder why, and even feel a little rejected.

Some believe it's because the universe is so large, no space aliens
have managed to find us yet.  Or that maybe some have found us, but
only not so many to really notice.

Others believe aliens have tried to visit, but our governments have
chased them away, despite their promise of wonderful gifts.

My babe has a theory that space aliens are afraid of us, or at least
believe we are contagious in one way or another.  She suspects we may
have far too much Free Will than is healthy for the galaxy.

I guess whether we have Free Will, is a common philosophical question.
But I believe it's not really a question of whether we have Free Will
or not, but rather whether we use it or not.  It's easy to "go with
the flow", or simply take the path of least resistance.  Maybe we have
Free Will, but it takes a lot of energy to use it.  It's hard for
anything in the universe to change it's flow through time, or to
change your path in life.  Perhaps people generally only exercise
their Free Will a few times in their entire lives.  Others more often.

For me...  I tend to worry that most life on other planets are
insects, specifically ants.  Ants have lived mostly unchanged for
millions of years on Earth.  They are also small, and I think we are
discovering that life manages to travel through space a lot easier
than we first imagined.  For example, ants might ride inside rock
fragments which are blasted into space by meteor collisions.  Ants
also seem to have the ability to float to the ground, controlling
where they land.  They practically wear space suites.  So yeah, my
great fear is that one day, a ton of space ants will simply float into
orbit and rain down on us, as they once did just before the large
dinosaurs became extinct.  But this doesn't have anything to do with
why we have not seen space aliens yet, so I digress.

My real theory of why space aliens do not talk to us is because as far
as life in the universe goes, we are of a much lower social class.

Any group of space aliens able to make it to our planet are probably
hundreds of years ahead of us in technology.  The interesting thing
about technology, is that the more you know, the faster you can learn
even more.  So what we learn in the next 100 years, may be similar to
what we've learned the last 500 years.  Our learning keeps
accelerating.  So any aliens capable of building an interstellar space
craft, are probably pretty far advanced... including in medicine.

Through modern medicine, our lifespan is increasing.  The interesting
thing is, since medicine is technology, our lifespan is increasing
faster as we learn more.  Well... at some point in time, the speed at
which our lifespan increases, may very well outpace the rate at which
we age.  So by the time a child becomes 50, science may increase the
lifespan to 120.  By the time this person becomes 100, science may
have extended it to 150.  By the time that person becomes 130, their
lifespan may be increased to 500.  And who knows what they can do in
500 years.  Eventually some unsuspecting generation may very well
become accidently immortal.

Now, I know what you're thinking... what about the religious
implications?  Well, just like many other scientific advancements, it
may be strange for the current generation to find a way to allow both
science and religion to coexist.  But I think it's always been this
way.  I do not believe science negates spirituality at all.  In fact,
I think it supports it, by showing just how complex and wonderful the
creation of the universe really is.  Who's to say what happens to a
person who lives 1000 years?  Maybe they lose their spirituality, and
become no more than a robot without feelings.  Or maybe a person has
the lifetime to grow wise and become far more spiritual than we can
today.  Maybe they can learn that spirituality is about living, not
about getting something when you die.  Maybe the whole point of death,
was an invention to teach us immortal spirits what it's like to lose
everything.  Or... maybe as we start to think of ourselves as
immortal, the universe will just slap us around and teach us a
different lesson.  Who knows?

But whatever the spiritual world may hold, meanwhile in the concrete
physical world, I think this perceived immortality is the big thick
dividing line between living creatures in the universe.  There are the
living things that live forever, and then there are the living things
that die.  It is the ultimate social class division.

Imagine the philosophies that may develop in a society of immortals.
Space aliens may very well question our worth.  Perhaps anything that
does not live forever is simply a bug.  What's wrong with killing
humans?  They are just going to die anyhow.  No life was really
"lost".  The idea of establishing political connections with such
limited creatures is obviously absurd.

But in any case, I do not believe I'm on the surfing side of the
medical curve such that I will live forever.  But I suspect it's maybe
just a generation or two away.  Maybe some children today will see it.
But for myself, it doesn't bother me that I'll miss the train.
Besides religious ideas, I also know ever accelerating technology
doesn't stop at what I can imagine.  Who could have imagined DNA
solving crimes decades ago, or the hope of bringing back extinct
species, even dinosaurs?  I suspect one day, science will develop a
way to not only bring back bodies, but maybe even the spirit of a
person just by knowing a little bit about them from the past.

That's exactly why I try to be nice to kids.  I figure each generation
will bring back people from the previous generation who they happen to
remember and like.  And if that doesn't work, they will remember our
cool dog, and maybe bring us back to take care of him.  Even if that
doesn't work I have a secret plan.  I give my dog his most favorite
special treats when no one else is around.  I figure after millions of
years, animals will become just as intelligent as we are.  One day,
our popular dog, besides being elected to high office, will get a
craving for his favorite treat and not know what it's called (because
I always hide the package it comes in.)  So he will fill out the paper
work to have us brought back for the same reason we all do many
things: for the tasty treats!  Good dog!!!