Strange Dream After Moving

Well, yesterday my babe and I moved into a new house.  It was by far,
the hardest move I've ever done.  It was a solid week of packing boxes
and boxes and boxes.  It was as if we had to leave the planet Earth in
a hurry, and we'd never be back.  Then after packing all these boxes,
there was no exciting move across the galaxy... we just moved across
to another town and suddenly had to unpack everything...  It just
seemed as if after all that packing, the movers should have taken the
boxes and photographed them at somewhere like the Grand Canyon, so
we'd have something to show for all the work.

Normally I am all for keeping most of my stuff for long periods of
time, but this last move has me thinking of converting all my hobbies
to computer hobbies.  Then next time we move, I'll simply carry all my
stuff over on a flash drive in my shirt pocket.

At the end of moving day we were extremely tired.  I wanted to hook up
the TV or the computer, but I could barely help assemble the bed.  In
fact, I think my contribution was holding my side down.  And somehow
this extreme level of exhaustion led to possibly the weirdest dream
I've ever had.

I usually dream about stuff I do in real life, or stuff I suspect I
may need to do in real life, such as working, going to school, or
killing vampires.  I can't say I remember ever dreaming about trying
on clothes, or participating in the male equivalent of a beauty
contest... until last night.

In the dream, my babe and I were on a trip attending some kind of
convention where adults could pay money to take advanced classes in
different areas.  I think my babe was signed up to take a three day
class on playing music, possibly in a marching band.  Since I was
kinda just tagging along, I didn't pay for any advanced classes, so I
had to find something to do while she was in class.

Turns out, all the men not enrolled in an advanced class, were
automatically enrolled in the male equivalent of a beauty contest.  (I
don't know what those are called, or even if they practically exist
outside simply auditioning for movie rolls or TV...)

I guess the concept kind of makes sense.  If you ran a mock contest,
you would have the opportunity to teach people all the occupations
that may be involved in the contest, all at the same time.  So you
could teach people how to be contestants, you could teach other people
how to be judges, and teach other people how to do whatever needs to
be done.  At the end of the seminar, all those people could get
certificates saying they know how to work at a beauty contest.  It
would also follow that if you did not have many contestants taking the
class, you may find it useful to ask random people to participate for
the fun of it.

So all the guys who had nothing to do that afternoon all went to this
contest thing, just to have something to do for free.  What I remember
in the dream, was just hanging around with these guys chatting, while
I guess interviewers must have been wandering around talking with us.

Then they told the bulk of us we could go home, and I thought I was
headed back to the hotel, when they told me no, you have a lot to do,
you made the cut.  Really?  They handed me some paperwork and a bunch
of clothes and told me to start getting ready for the next cut.  All
of a sudden, everyone looked pretty serious.

The next thing I had to do was find a locker.  Now, I have a bad
relationship with lockers in my dreams.  I'm usually at school, and I
can't remember where my locker is, or what the combination to the lock
is.  So I can't explain how significant it was to me, to find three
available lockers.  While a lot of the other guys were all getting
dressed, I was still marveling at the three open lockers that were
all mine.

Just then my dog walked between me and the lockers, and started wining
to go outside.  I suspect this was my real dog sitting next to my bed
wining because he didn't understand why we were staying overnight in
this strange house.  I explained to him I'd try to take him out just
as soon as I changed clothes.

Meanwhile I was trying to make sense out of the clothes they gave me.
I looked around to see how the other guys were dressing.  It became
apparent that most of these guys were serious contenders, in shape,
tan, muscular, and all done up like they were trying out for the
movies.  They were wearing jeans, and a sleeveless jacket without any
shirt.  I guess that showed off their muscles or something.  And no, I
don't know where I got that image from, but I suspect my babe was
whispering to me while I was sleeping, which very well may explain the
entire dream.

Now, unlike myself, most of the people around me were obviously very
serious about the contest.  But the people running the show seemed to
remember that I wasn't all that serious.  But they seemed friendly,
and wanted to help me get through the contest.

The first guy to come by, tried to tell me what would happen next, and
what I was supposed to do.  I'm supposed to walk across this floor and
back or something.  It was confusing.  I'm supposed to what?  Walk
over here?  Then back over there?

Then I think I was supposed to get my hair cut or something, and while
I was sitting around, a lady came by who was apparently in charge of
the show.  She seemed pretty friendly and took the time to chat with
me, and she explained what the heck I was doing here.

She explained that I added a little interest to the contest.
Apparently at some point I had mentioned that I love to eat Buffalo
Wings and drink beer, and that wasn't something you'd usually hear in
such a contest.  I obviously wasn't spending the time on fixing myself
up like some kind of contestant, but I'd pass OK for the mock show.  I
did some stereotypical man type things, but it wasn't as if I'd show
up on stage with beer spilled all over my clothes either.

So, that made sense.  I walked back to my locker kinda happy, because
I wasn't really serious about the competition.  I think my casual
attitude started to annoy some of the producers, and some of the other
contestants asked me why I was so calm and relaxed.

I woke up and told my babe about the dream.  Besides enjoying the part
about how the guys were dressed, she said she thought it was caused by
moving into the new house.  I don't know, but I have the idea to maybe
get some lockers (without locks) for the computer room.