Sharing Dreams

My love and I sometimes talk in our sleep, and I think this causes us
to kinda share dreams.  There's been times we've woken up and been
talking, but neither of us know what we were talking about.  It's as
if our sleeping minds are chatting, and then suddenly stop as soon as
they realize our conscious minds are awakening.  Then we'll discover
we were both dreaming about Penguins or something.

This is kinda cool.  But now weirder things are happening.

The other night I woke up with my water cup in my hand.  This is not
completely unexpected, as I keep my water cup next to my bed on a
flimsy piece of cardboard, which rests on a plastic milk crate.  I'm
always worried about knocking it over, and spilling water on all my
favorite reading materials next to my bed.  It's sort of my tribute to
an accident waiting to happen.

I'd like to buy a proper bedside table, but I never really think of it
until I'm going to sleep, and by then it's a too late.  I always think
that if I can just get through one more night of not spilling water
all over, I'll buy that table tomorrow!

So I woke up with the cup in my hand, and I figured I must have bumped
into it, and then instinctively grabbed it to stop it from spilling.
However, I soon realized that this was not the case.  I was holding
the cup upside down.

It was still dark, and I was very unhappy.  I finally spilled what I
remembered was a completely full cup of water all over my books and
magazines.  I wanted to yell and turn on the light, but I didn't want
to wake up my babe.  So I felt around in the dark to find what damage
I'd done.

Strangely enough, there was no damage.  I felt around and found all my
books and magazines, and they were completely dry!  The cardboard
under the cup was also completely dry.  And I'm pretty sure if I'd had
poured the water into my bed, or on my babe, I would have noticed by
now.  Nothing.  So with this mystery facing me, I quickly went back to

In the morning I went to drink some water, and of course found nothing
but an empty cup.  I looked around, and sure enough in the light, I
could not find where the water went.  Finally I looked at my giant
kleenex box.  There was no obvious fluffy kleenex on top.

I felt into the box, and discovered where all the water went.  Yes, I
had poured all the water into my giant kleenex box, almost perfectly.

This was good news.  I hated to lose all those tissues, but hey,
that's a lot nicer than ruining all my books.  I thought about it for
a while, as I sat looking at our sleeping dog who sometimes sleeps on
my side of the bed off by the window.  Then it struck me what

Our dog also dreams.  He has all kinds of dreams, and quite frankly,
his dreams scare me.  He has dreams where he is sleep barking, and
moving all his feet as if he's chasing something.  But the dreams that
really scare me are the ones where he is chasing something, and then
his front feet stop moving and stretch out.  Clearly he's dreaming
he's flying.

Now, that may sound crazy, but you don't know this dog.  He is always
trying to fly.  He's got a 5 foot jump, and he's always looking up at
squirrels and planes and helicopters.  When he runs around the yard,
he's always jumping and sliding, sometimes standing up on his hind
legs.  One time at the dog park he took great interest in a little
girl who jumped up and swung on a tree branch.  He ran over and looked
at her feet, at how they were off the ground.

Since we can't have him catching neighbors' cats, his interest in
flying has me worried to the point of having nightmares of him running
around on roof tops and once even jumping over a police car.

Besides an intricate collection of fences I've put up around the yard,
I also use a red cup of water as punishment when he gets out of
control.  Usually I don't need to throw water on him, but when he is
very bad, I'll throw some water.  Not that it ever hits him, since he
actually hears me throw it, and is fast enough to duck.  But it's
something I do as a custom before going to the hardware store for more

So it all makes perfect sense now.  I not only share dreams with my
love, but I also share them with our pup.  He was having one of his
crazy flying dreams, and I threw water on him.

I'm just happy all the water went into the kleenex box.  I don't know
if that was by accident.  But I do know it was a brown kleenex box,
and he is a brown dog.  My books remained dry, and so did the dog, so
we're all happy.