To Be a Rock and Not to Roll

This morning I suddenly woke up at 4am certain that I'd finally
realized the meaning of the words to the song, "Stairway to Heaven" by
Led Zeppelin.  This was both amazing and startling because as far as I
know, I had not been wondering about this at all.  At least not for a
couple decades at least.  It's possible I heard the song just last
week.  But even if that were the case, I wasn't listening to it.  I
was working. I only surmise I heard it since Led Zeppelin is between
AC/DC and Metallica on my mp3 player.

At the moment it was perfectly clear, as if I should have known the
meaning to these words years ago.  How could anyone not?  I can only
assume everyone else knows, and if I were to ask, they'd all say, err
yeah, isn't it obvious?

Anyhow, what part of my brain was working on this problem?  I'm pretty
sure it's a part of the brain that was supposed to be doing other
things these last 20 years.  How many times was I not able to answer a
question, or work out a problem fast enough, because part of my
brain's horsepower was working on this in the background?

And why did I need to wake up?  I guess after 20 years of looking for
an answer, this part of my brain seriously wanted some credit.  As I
splashed some water on my face in the bathroom, I was wondering what
kind of dream I could of had to convey this information.  I briefly
entertained the idea of amusing myself by coming up with a dream I
could of had, and then realized it was probably a futile waste of
time.  Cause if my brain could have come up with an interesting dream,
it would have, and it didn't, and I'm still using the same brain.

But it was probably too late.  I already wondered what kind of dream I
would have had.  I was half asleep, and that part of my brain was just
paddling around the consciousness with nothing to do, and it probably
heard me wonder.  It probably grabbed hold of that task and dove back
into my subconscious trying to put something together.  Twenty years
from now I'll have a crazy dream about the year 2012 and staircases.

This kinda makes me wonder.  Do I have a bunch of these researchers
only now surfacing from 20 years ago?  This might explain all those
dreams about failing tests in college.  Perhaps every time I freaked
out while taking a test, a little part of my brain took a dive into my
subconscious.  Some I scooped up at the time with a glass of beer
during those nights.  While others dove deeper not to be seen again
until now?

I can't help but wonder about a song they had us sing in like
kindergarten or first grade.  It was called "Tiny O" or at least that
was how it went.  As best as I can remember it was taught to us by the
music teacher woman.  I only repeat the words because they are
interestingly insane: "Past one window Tiny O, past two windows Tiny
O, past three windows Tiny O, Listen at the window, Tiny O.  Ti-ny-O!
Ti-ny-O! listen at the window Tiny O".

Of course I'm not sure Tiny-O was a person, or whether or not I have
the spelling correct, on account I'm fairly sure I didn't know how to
spell at the time.  As far as I know it may have been common practice
at the time, to use school children to unwittingly help summon a demon
from another universe to do your bidding.  Tiny-O, String theory, the
three windows into our universe... that sort of thing.

So I went back to bed last night and when I woke up at a more
reasonable hour, waited for my babe to show the first sign of being
awake.  I immediately asked her what the words to "Stairway to Heaven"
were.  Turns out, it doesn't look as if the actual meaning matches
what I realized.  As is often the case, some of the best musical
lyrics are not what they were intended to be.  But what makes
"Stairway to Heaven" so cool, is that both actual and subjective
meanings are pretty awesome.